lunes, octubre 15, 2007

You know me

a mask
a plastic mask
holding my imprint, bathed by my breath,
carrying my sweat
the most specific and personal identifier of my

the symbol of my horror
the tool for my escape

i must prevail
i must endure, tolerate, and accept
i will use this terror object as my passagemaker
to become a predator again
a survivor
and not just a survivor

my future
does it exist
how am i seen
can i measure it myself
or only as reflected in the eyes of others

my life

now always measured as before and after
before and after the headache

i am defiant
no matter what
the sorrow
my rage

you know who i am
i am your friend
i am your brother
i am your child
i am a real person

you know me *

* You know me. Rick Levinson
Exposición temporal en el Museo Nacional de la Estampa

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